Our partner for photographical equipment in Graz. They provide cameras, lenses, filters, flashguns, tripods, nodal point adapters, camera bags and backpacks, GPS-systems and all services around photographical equipment

This company is located in Ireland and is worldwide the one and only company that still produces flashbulbs for cave photography. These “megga” bulbs produce luminous fluxes up to 150.000 lumen per second.

This company located in Germany provides equipment for caves, mines and climbing such as helmets, lamps, clothings, climbing ropes, special backpacks for caves and many other helpful tools when exploring underground world.

This page is based on google maps and allows to get the GPS coordinates of any location worldwide by one mouse click.

This page provides a relief map of Styria recorded using a radar detecting method. Thus the landscape surface is shown very detailed and ancient mines and caves can be detected. The page provides the GPS coordinates by one mouse click.

This page provides a service of the sun positioning during any day at any place of the world. Very helpful for landscape photography to detect the time before sunrise, the golden and the blue hour or when planning any outdoor tour.

The “Lurgrotte” is an active water cave north of Graz in Styria and between the upper entrance near by Semriach and the lower entrance in Peggau the cave has a lenght of almost 5 kilometers. This internet page refers to the upper and privetaly owned part near to the village of Semriach, where people can visit the first kilometer of the cave. We use this cave for our underground photography workshops.